About US

High-quality, purposeful and engaging projects that get results.

Agile Pixel (formerly Hanee Designs) is a full-service digital agency located in New York. We support marketing teams with website design, landing page creation, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing and lead generation tools. Our clients are located around the globe.

Our Philosophy

The days of making things and hoping they will work are over. Today, agile marketing teams demand strategic, data-driven web projects that generate leads and convert customers.

To that end, we employ the best practices of inbound marketing to get the right visitors to your site and to target them at all levels of the customer journey.


Our Methodology differs from many other digital agencies:

We are highly responsive to change.

We know that projects change and morph as things go. We can roll with the changes and help you meet your goals.

We are collaborative.

We don't dissapear for weeks after starting a project. We show you things as they are designed so that we can respond to your feedback, and changing needs faster.

We are iterative.

We check the data to see what works, and what isn't working, and we adapt.

We are marketers too.

We bring best practices in inbound marketing, marketing automation and lead generation to all of our projects.

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