Why You Should Stop Using IE 6

September 15, 2010


Are you using IE 6? Its nothing to be embarrased about if you do not know. You can visit http://www.thismachine.info/ and it will tell you. Hopefully you are not, but experience tells me that there is a 15% chance that you are.

If you are using IE 6, please for the love of all that is holy, upgrade! IE 6.0 was released in August of 2001 — over 9 years ago. Think about what you were doing in 2001. George Bush was in his first year of his presidency. The Bratz doll was first introduced. Apple introduced OS X and opened its first retail store. Tom Cruise was still married to Nicole Kidman. 2001 was a long time ago, and technology has come a long way. IE 6 is preventing you from fully enjoying so many of the free things out there on web such as flickr, youtube, facebook and more.

Websites look terrible in IE 6 and web developers have to do a lot of extra work to support IE 6. It makes us crazy, especially when we find out at the end of a project that we need to go back and add in scripting that checks if you have IE 6 and then give you a special, dumbed down version of the site.

You spend a lot of time using your browser. Its probably the application that you use most. Why waste time using a horrible, out of date product when upgrading is easy, and free?

IE 6.0 is painfully out of date.  Today, they announced the beta of IE 9.0. Event Microsoft dropped support of IE 6.0 — their own product. Yet many large corporations continue to use IE 6 because its a pain to upgrade. They just do not see the value in doing it (even though it will increase their security to do so) because they do not care if websites look good to their employees. But this is pennywise, pound foolish. IE 6.0 is insecure – you are more likely to get a virus or other malware if you use it.

If you are a home or small business user, make a web designer happy and upgrade your browser to IE 8, Chrome or Firefox today.

If you are forced to use IE 6 because your corporation has not upgraded let your IT department know. They might tell you that they cannot upgrade to IE 6 because of the operating systems that they use, but this does not mean that you cannot use Firefox or another browser.

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