Why you should focus on your click through rate

August 31, 2015


You probably keep track of your search engine ranking for your desired keywords but do you ever look at your click through rate on your keywords?

Google’s Search Console (aka Google Webmasters tool) will report on your ranking on your keywords and will also tell you:

  1. How many people clicked on the keywords to go to your site (clicks)
  2. How often your page appeared in the search resultsĀ (impressions)
  3. The click through percentage (CTR)
  4. The position within the search results

There are also handy filters so that you can filter the data by:

  • query (for instance, you can remove your company name from the results)
  • pages (filter to show only a certain page, or set of pages such as your blog)
  • country
  • device
  • search type
  • dates

According to this SearchMetrics infographic, the click through rate is anĀ important factor in your Google placement.

Take a look at these results from a client:


As you can see, there are columns to the right that tell you your position for a query, your CTR (click-through rate) and the number of clicks.

Your team should focus on raising the click-through rate by creating title tags and meta descriptions that are enticing to the user. The more often people choose YOUR link from the search results, the higher your ranking will rise.

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