Think beyond the homepage

July 3, 2015


We feel that companies generally spend too much time on their homepages. They try to make sure that the homepage has everything on it and homepages tend to be cluttered. Many executives look at the homepage as a poster or flyer for their company and spend little time focusing on the interior pages where most of the information, and conversions are made.

Keyword based search queries, inbound links and social media tend to send users to interior pages of your site, like this page for instance.

So we’d like to encourage you to think beyond the homepage. Treat every page like a homepage — offer compelling design, links to important content and showcase your brand.

This strategy is sure to reduce your bounce rate and increase user engagement.

Some things to consider when applying homepage design principles to the rest of your site:

  • Don’t be stuck in the box. Avoid the idea that your page should fit in the browser screen or have important content “above the fold”.
  • Don’t clutter
  • Make your brand stand out
  • Use thoughtful and relevant images and type
  • Don’t skimp on the design

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