Why marketers should worry about bad password practices

April 3, 2015


We learned a lot about security from our client RazorPoint. People are lazy with their passwords. Common weak points include:

  • Weak passwords – you know what I am talking about M@ry123!
  • Using the same password for everything – if a hacker gets one of your passwords, they can probably gain access to dozens of systems because of password re-use.
  • Writing their password on a sticky not and putting it on their monitor.
  • Giving their password to an impostor via email or phone.

So why should you, as a marketer be worried about this issue? Because a compromised password can result in extremely negative consequences for your brand.

  • If your systems are compromised, it can result in wary customers who may not want to use their credit cards at your store. Target, Adobe and Home Depot’s reputations were tarnished when user data was stolen.
  • Sony was embarrassed by leaked emails.
  • If your social networking passwords are stolen, your account can be used to spam others, distribute malware or porn or advertise for unsavory products. Your social reputation could be destroyed over night.
  • E-mail messages could be sent from your domain name which could result in damage to your brand.

Train your team to use strong, unique passwords for each account and to change them frequently. A password that is easy to remember is a bad password. This is why I recommend LastPass to my clients. LastPass is a website, app and browser plugin that will store your passwords for you in a safe way. Once you have LastPass installed, you will never have to remember long crazy passwords again. Instead, the software will fill in your passwords for you. Unlike the password remembering feature on your browser, LastPass can show you what your password is. Finally, LastPass has features to allow you to share your password safely with your team.


Lazy passwords can result in dire consequences. Protect your company and your brand.

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