10 things to do before hiring an SEO “expert”

November 4, 2013


To be completely honest, you probably do not need to hire an SEO expert. Google has repeatedly told the world that quality content that is of value to the end user is the key to search engine rankings. However, if you plan to hire someone to help you with your search engine placement you can prepare by doing these 10 things. These steps will ensure that you are not paying for work that you (or a cheaper resource) can do yourself and that the SEO expert can focus on doing their job.

  1. Working with upper management and your sales team, create a list of targeted keyword phrases.
  2. Make a spreadsheet of all of your content (web pages and blog posts) and assign one of your keywords to each page.
  3. Rewrite your pages as needed to make sure they align with the assigned keyword. Be sure that you are not “keyword stuffing“.
  4. Make a note of content that should be created (these are usually blog posts) and make a plan to create the content.
  5. Make sure that all of your pages have a title tag and meta description tag. Put alt tags on all of your images.
  6. Consider changing the URL of your pages so that the URLs contain your keywords, but don’t overdo it.
  7. Make sure each page has an h1 tag that contains your keywords.
  8. Install Google Webmasters tool. Submit an XML sitemap to Google
  9. Install Google Analytics and collect at least 1 month of data
  10. Check for 404 errors and fix them.


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