My company will never blog

October 30, 2013


Some companies just don’t feel like they can blog. They have difficulty coming up with ideas. They feel that they are repeating themselves. Some clients tell me that their superiors at their companies are not comfortable with the medium because they find it to be informal or too spontaneous. Your company might need to run all communications through the legal department or you might have regulatory concerns.

OK I get it. You are not going to blog. So how are you going to get the inbound traffic?

Companies that can’t blog should create a strategy of landing pages and offers.

Pull together some resources at your company to produce a high quality piece of content. The piece could be a:

  • whitepaper
  • e-book
  • webinar
  • recorded speech
  • step-by-step guide
  • case study

The piece should not be “marketing”. It should give the target persona¬†information that they need to stay current in their field. The piece at best is information that they would buy a book about or attend a conference to learn about it.

Ideally, you would create one piece per month.

It sounds labor intensive, but keep in mind that each piece does not need to be unique. For instance, you could rewrite each guide from a slightly different angle for different industries. Pieces that are older can be revised to reflect the latest in your industry.

After the piece has been created. Make a landing page for it. The landing page should have a compelling title, an introductory sentence, 3-5 bullet points and most importantly, a form inviting people to register in order to get the piece. After they submit the form, give the site visitor the link to the piece on the confirmation page, or send it to them by e-mail.

Every time you have a new landing page, send a message to your mailing list (targeted by persona) inviting them to download your new piece. Share it on LinkedIn and Twitter and consider buying targeted keyword ads on Google and LinkedIn.

Finally, keep track of the performance of each piece. This will give you valuable information about which piece performed the best and will help you decide what to produce next.

To get you started, here are some free e-book templates.

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