How do I get people to visit my site?

October 21, 2013


Our clients come to us and they tell us that they want a great website. They usually have 10-20 pages of content, a design idea in their head and they are just looking for the perfect vendor to make it a reality.

We love helping clients do just that, but we also know that a website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your web presence.

How does your target customer get to your website?

Ask yourself, how are people getting to your beautiful new website? Usually, my client assumes that they will type in and view the homepage (on a desktop computer). From there, the client imagines their target customer choosing 3-5 pages from the menu and reading them. At the end of their experience, they will click on “Contact Us” and send an email, asking for more information. On e-commerce sites, they will complete a transaction.

In some cases, this is true. This is called direct traffic. Someone who types in the URL for your site already knows about you. They may already be considering buying your product or service. Direct traffic visitors are great but what about other ways that a potential customer gets to your website — one who does not already know about you or your product? There are 3 ways that they will get to your site.

  1. Search Engine query – someone searches for it in a search engine and clicks on a link to your site
  2. Referral traffic – someone clicks on a link from another website to your website
  3. Social Media – someone clicks on a link to your site from social media

Traffic from the above 3 sources is the best way to increase visits to your website. Ideally, less than 50% of your web traffic will be direct traffic .

So how I do it?

The best way to increase traffic to your site is to add a blog. I know, I can already hear you groaning. But ask yourself this. Are your 10-20 pages of content really so great that they will come up in the top 8 searches for your desired keyword? Blogging allows you to create content that is valuable to the user that is more casual. Think of your main web content as the brochure or the formal presentation. The blog post is the networking, the client dinner, the golf outing.

  1. For search engines, create content that targets your keywords. Each piece of content should target one keyword phrase.  The content should be valuable enough that the site visitor will want to know more and click on some links to read more posts, subscribe to your blog/newsletter or learn about your product/service.
  2. For referral traffic, create content that is worth linking to. The referral link might be an article in the press or another blogger.
  3. For social media traffic, create content that is worth sharing.

It comes naturally if you keep the target customer in mind when creating content. Create value for your target customer, and the traffic will start rolling in.

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